Sensor Cleaning

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Cleaning a sensor is scary, but with the proper stuff, child’s play. The Stuff: Quasar Sensor Loupe 7x lighted focusing system – so you can see your cameras sensor. Next Artic Butterfly a spinning brush that uses static electricity as it’s ally. Next cleaning Swabs and cleaning fluids VSwab (make sure you have the correct size for your sensor (1.0 for full frame 1.6 for non).

The photos above are before cleaning taken with a 35mm at f22  (photo is of our apt wall that has bumpy paint – ignore that). Next photo is after using Artic Buterfly, third is after wet, 4th is final cleaning of both.


Glass Horse Mask: 50 of 52 in 2011

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Glass horse mask, 2008, by Marcus Amerman (Choctaw, b. 1959), New Mexico. Multicolored glass. This beautiful mask is at the National Museum of the American Indian – Smithsonian Institution. For a limited time you can see the exhibit “A Song for the Horse Nation”

Farm Sunset: 49 of 52 in 2011

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Nothing beats a finger painting by Mother Nature. Kristi and I where near Fredericksburg Virginia working with some of our favorite clients during this spectacular sunset.

This area of the state is fast becoming one of my favorites. This is the same general location where I captured the Gar jumping out of the water in week 24.

Even better… after our photo session, we where treated to a pancake dinner with fresh venison sausage. The dinner is a Sunday night family tradition, which we where glad to partake in. Thanks so much to D and Laura lee. We love you!

Place D’Arms: 48 of 52 in 2011

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Kristi, Brock and I visited Kristi parents. Since this was Brock’s first visit to the Big Easy we included a trip to visit Bourbon Street, Jackson Square, and the French Market. On our visit we were met with cloudy cloudy skies and a rainy mist.

Bread: 47 of 52 in 2011

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Baking my own bread has become one of my favorite activities. Nothing quite matches the mouth watering aroma of fresh baked bread, its warm glorious texture, its crusty golden crust, add a dab of butter and life is simple again.

I grew up watching my grandmother make buttermilk briskets, fritters, and pies. She kept her flour in this big metal drum and would have me sift out just the right amount. Watching her knead and work the flour kept me in the kitchen, sure I could have been in the other room watching “General Hospital” on her black and white set or even out in the front lawn bouncing a tennis ball off the roof. However, when she asked me to pull out the “flour tin” I was done, glued to the process of watching her create. Funny thing is, it never took her very long, it was such a simple task, she never complained, she just hummed.

Wearing her apron and a simple dress both of which she made herself; I’m sure it never even crossed her mind to do it any other way.

I would stay with my grandmother many weekends over the summer and even during the school year. I can remember the time that I spent with her in great detail. It does not take much for those memories to come back to me. Some of the best triggers are, the sound of a sewing machine, the taste of a fried apple pie or fatback meat frying in a cast iron pan, the sight of a flour sifter, or even flour being thrown out on a table top just before the plop of dough hits the table to be kneaded.

Discover for yourself the art… The art of baking bread.

Thanks Grandma.

Seagull: 46 of 52 in 2011

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Seagull comes in for a landing while glaring at me.

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Frozen Leaves: 45 of 52 in 2011

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You may ask, when was it cold enough in the DC area to freeze leaves when they where at peak color? My answer, sometimes one must help mother nature along.

I collected some leaves with great shapes and color placed them in a pyrex dish, filled it with water and place it the freezer.  To photograph I added more leaves and used a soft diffused light,  and poured warm water over the ice. Simple set-up but I love the results.

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